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[MOD POST] Resident List

It's a four-story red brick apartment building, with four apartments per floor. There is a sidewalk leading up to a secure front entryway. There are windows - some clear and some frosted - on all four sides. Inside, each floor has a hallway lined with doors, four per floor.

Floor Plans for the second floor on up (1280x1280; 140 KB) with layouts for the individual apartments. The building entrance at the bottom of the graphic is naturally on the first floor only.

Each door opens to a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment of reasonable size. All apartments have patio doors leading out to either a patio or a small balcony area. The only exception is on the first floor, where apartments #3 and #4 are actually one apartment, merged later on for superman_dead, light__of__day, and someday_to_you.

The layout for the merged #3 and #4. (1008x540; 74.89 KB)

Stairwells between the floors (not shown) are located in the hall space.

If your pup would like to live here, especially if said pup is an Elric, leave a comment, either to this post, or in superman_dead's journal. Some apartments are reserved - not frequently occupied but available for use for certain Eds and Als should they need or want a place to crash in the Nexus.

Additional floors will be added in time as the need arises.

First Floor

#1 (left front) - full_metal_ed and hiding_kittens

#2 (right front) - outofthegame

#3 & 4 (rear apartments- merged) - superman_dead, kryptonite_al, light__of__day, and someday_to_you


Second Floor

#5 (left front) - wrenchheadotp, youngicarus and youngest_elric

#6 (right front) - chrysalis_winry and mxedupbookworm

#7 (right rear) - papa_to_asobou, mrs_hughes and mostestprecious

#8 (left rear) - paracelsuslight, patient_heart, igetbiggerright and futurealchemist


Third Floor

#9 (left front) - draconicroyal and technogeek1915

#10 (right front) - reserved for elriculi

#11 (right rear) - wortcunning and a_worry_wort

#12 (left rear) - al_intheblue and alchemic_pride


Fourth Floor

#13 (left front) - miss_spelled

#14 (right front) - reserved for tobecondemned and al_notfullmetal

#15 (right rear) - killwithmymind

#16 (left rear) - ashestoashes6 and apocalypsesword

There is also a complex kitty who roams around at will: how_familiar

Floor and apartment layout (Building door is on the bottom) 1280x1280; 140 KB

Merged apartments #3 & #4 1008x540; 74.89 KB
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